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Simple, one time setup
Once you sign in to your account, you’ll be asked to create a new password and enter your monthly spend amount. That’s it, The Expense Tracker (TET) will do the rest and create a recommended budget based on your spend amount. You’re now ready to go. This set up takes less than a minute.
Always, up to date
The Expense Tracker updates all of your account information automatically. So you always have the most current information available. With TET, you can focus on making smart decisions, not on managing and planning financial spreadsheets.
Stay up-to-date
TET details your daily spending, saving and income in an email, once a day. You also receive a full summary of your finances once a month. You can also get up to the minute updates on finances from what you planned for in any category you choose by phone, email, text, or by internet.
No software to install
The Expense Tracker requires no software installation and no need for updates. TET is noticeably uncomplicated and has a very low learning curve, which makes it perfect for unsophisticated PC users. And it works on both Mac and PC.